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Learn to play Bridge


Hello Bridge Friends, 
A few years ago, a friend presented me with a Bridge book. I started reading with great enthusiasm and fell asleep, by the time I reached page three. This happened on three consecutive days!  It was a wakeup call. I realised that there must be millions of Bridge players in the same situation. Being stuck on page three has been a hurdle for many players and beginners who wish to advance on the game. Bridge learning is text based and encircled by an intimidating, impenetrable wall of being a difficult and complex game to learn.  This was the trigger for me to develop I decided to create a new age multifaceted platform using modern technology. I have flow charted Bridge conventions and combined them with interactive quizzes to enable easy understanding of bidding options. This provides an alternative to traditional textual learning.What I hear, I forgetWhat I see, I rememberWhat I do, I know! The mantra: “Learn by doing” There are multi lingual virtual classrooms with Bridge teaching tools that allow students and teachers to connect anytime, anywhere. 
Breaking away from the monotony of text, offers graphic rich instructions and self development tools.Bridge organisations have worked arduously to take this game to great heights and establish it as a leader of mind sports. I want more people to learn, improve, come together, interact, communicate and see for themselves what a fascinating mind sport Bridge is!The young and friendly Boffins, a virtual Bridge playing family, are the site's brand ambassadors.  They welcome you into the captivating world of Bridge.With a hundred million players, we make the world's largest intellectual community. Let be your unique platform to improve, impart knowledge and integrate everything that nourishes the mind.I look forward to seeing you on board. 
Sign up, explore, engage and enjoy.