Pre-dealt board and hand records, bridge holiday schedule


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OVERSEAS Bridge Holiday Schedule

01656 747-700

ARRIVAL DAY Check-In is normally available after 2/3.00pm
(arrangements can be made for an earlier check in). You will be met at the hotel reception by our holiday host.

FIRST FULL DAY; Breakfast at leisure Welcome Meeting & Drinks Reception 10.30am (normally held in the bridge room).  The Bridge Director and Holiday Host will introduce themselves to the group, and will make sure any single players have a partner, someone will also be on hand to offer and discuss trips and excursions etc. Dinner 6.15pm (Group dining is arranged each evening with a selection of table sizes).  Evening Bridge 7.30pm (We aim to play between 21-27 boards in the evening sessions, and finish in good time to enjoy a drink at the hotel bar. Welcome Pairs, Random Teams, Championship Paris & Teams, Open and Mixed Pairs as well as a Farewell Pairs event are traditionally played on our 14 night bridge holidays).

FOLLOWING DAYS; Breakfast at leisure Morning Workshop from 10.15am  Morning Bridge from 11.00am Afternoons are free Dinner 6.15pm Evening Bridge at 7.30pm
Prizes are presented on the Final evening after bridge at 10.45pm Farewell drinks are normally arranged for the penultimate day.

DEPARTURE DAY; Breakfast at leisure
Check-Out of your bedroom by 11.00am to 12.00 noon (later check out times can be arranged, but it may incur a further charge).


The evening bridge will be friendly duplicate with Pre-Dealt boards & hand records available. The morning bridge depends on numbers, pairs or teams may be played, Seminars & Workshops are dependent on numbers and demand.  We aim to play in the evening bridge sessions 21-27 boards & for morning sessions 14-16 boards.